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We don’t need Flash on the iPad, we need better tools to build HTML5 sites

The recent discussion about whether the web needs Flash or not was overdue. My opinion is this: Yes, we need an alternative to Flash Player, and HTML5 could soon replace it in most cases. But most of all we need a good IDE to develop content for modern browsers. Flash has two critical shortcomings that make it hard [...]
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Renaming Flex Builder solves one problem but causes another

Yesterday I had a meeting with a client who was looking for a Flex Developer to maintain an existing Flex project. I had a look at the code and was pretty confused because, well, it wasn’t Flex. It was just a huge Flex Builder ActionScript project including several .fla files full of library assets. Just because he [...]
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Why can’t Adobe get the settings dialogs right?

Recently a client called me and asked how he could get rid of the update dialog that suddenly kept popping up on the nice AIR video app running in his lobby. It only took a minute to find the answer, but I was really surprised by what I found. You probably know the cumbersome Flash Player [...]
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